The Light Salon uses the Lucia No.3 and Pandora Star lights as a portal.

It is a place to transport you above daily realities and bring relaxation and focus back to your mind with light energy.

Light is important to our health and how we relate to the World.  The beauty of what you see around you is a reflection of the beauty of who you are. Beauty affirms the unity and interconnectedness of everything.

During your Light session we invite you to close your eyes and relax on a mindful journey to see the light shine within yourself.

The stimulation of your mind with the lamps is comparable to exercising your body in the gym – you are supercharging your brain with Light energy.


** Light Sessions are £20.00 per person for 25 minutes**

All the sessions are enhanced by listening to music at the same time.

Please feel free to bring the music that you love and feel you can get lost in. This really helps with building relaxation and the strength of the experience. 

** Please note on arrival you will be required to sign our disclaimer as follows:

 I understand that I accept liability for my time on the Light Machine as I:

  • Am over 18 and not adversely affected by strobe lights
  • Am not pregnant
  • Do not have photosensitive epilepsy
  • Am free of psychoses or anxiety disorder

Please contact if you wish to book a Light Session.


I was drifting on the back of the Sun going into the distance, I decided it was time to be active and seamlessly venture along a rainbow slide whilst my body was outlined in gold.

Absolutely amazing! Without the aid of any chemicals, other than those produced naturally by your brain, the most trippy experience of my life (and I've been around 50 years). I recommend this to anyone on the path to enlightment. Go on, lose yourself in the most brilliant light show ever.

LEM is a wonderful place to make an extraordinary experience and you guys are fantastic Light Attendants. It was an honor to meet you - thanks again!

This was thoroughly magical. It has opened my mind and inspired me artistically and am looking forward to come again for a longer.. (as i would call it )... mind expansion treatment. I will be sure to bring people along with me, I think everybody should do this, what an amazing idea!