8th Febuary 2019

Roaring Log Fire : Joshua Leon & Jean Feline

Dear Friends

February is the coldest month, or so they say. As an antidote to the cold winter, Jean Feline and Joshua Leon invite you to join them around a Roaring Log Fire, to share some hot Chicken Soup. This one night only exhibition is about communion. Come join them, and heat up.

The soup will be served from 6pm so get there early if you want it hot, as once it's poured each serving will remain in its pot. But the fire will burn throughout the night.

In conjunction to the serving of the Soup both Feline and Leon will present new works. These works build from ongoing conversations concerning event, community and sociality. Pendre la Crémaillère (Housewarming) is the first in a series of seasonal one night exhibitions planned over the course the year. In this first show the work revolves around notions of winter and warmth.