10th December 2016
7pm - 11pm



Come and join us for some festive fun on the 10th December!

We will use the night to celebrate our fortune, and how we can come together to provide support and unity for ourselves and each other. Through unity we will provide a platform of support for anyone who is less fortunate and in need of a helping hand.

This time around we will be providing delicious, nutritious, simple and filling grub to keep you and your bellies smiling. As always the food will be organic and vegan. (BYOB)

The menu will be designed to reduce / eliminate as much waste as possible - as we think about how much food we waste (nearly 1/2 the worlds food goes in the bin!!), especially over the festive period.

The profits this time will go towards buying warm and waterproof clothing and bedding for those who are on the streets over Christmas.

We look forward to seeing you there!