26th — 31st October

24th October 2014
6.30pm — 9.30pm

Tuesday 12pm — 6pm
Saturday 12pm — 6pm
Sunday 12pm — 6pm

Instagram: @edmondbrooks1


Light Eye Mind presents their second exhibition of Autumn 2014, Contained Conversations. This will be Edmond Brooks’ debut solo show. Brooks, 27 years old, was born in London and currently lives and works in the capital. He is emerging as one of the UK’s most exciting new painters, both by his inherent talent as a visual artist, a prolific work ethic and his nod to painters from the twentieth century that embrace gestural abstraction. 

Presented is a series of over 25 small-scale oil and watercolour paintings
on Fabriano paper. There are three framed paintings that have acted as a compass for the newer works in the show. The last part of the show displays a very large drawing of an abstracted figure.

Edmond is a supply teacher in a North London school. He sites his acute awareness of his students volatile and tender personalities as experiences that frequently emerge while working. He is particularly interested in addressing issues with those students who he says “lack affect control which leads to daily situations of a violent nature”. His thoughts turn to “psychological circumstances where people exercise their expression with and without affect control, to enriching or crushing results”. He is examining psychological violence, struggle, protection and how these active relationships react with the social and painterly confinements they are situated in. His work life and painting confront these in-balances bringing firm tenderness to the table and appreciating those sweet moments between people and the dabs of paint he engages with.



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