1st October 2016
12pm - 6pm

2nd October 2016
12pm - 6pm



The invisible sculpture starts off as the idea that all objects in the world exist in the mind. There is not one object in the room that surrounds that did not start as a thought before it became hard, that is to say, a real thing.

The invisible sculpture represents all the works, thoughts, notions and objects of our imagination that have not yet come into being and maybe never will. But, as the saying goes, “it's the thought that counts”, it is this saying that appears at the beginning and end of all invisible sculpture.

In January 2015 Tom Spicer created the first in a series of invisible sculptures. The first sculpture was initially formed in The Studio of The Mind, which at the moment of conception was situated in a residential garage on Bemerton Estate in London’s Kings Cross. The invisible sculpture is not restricted by dimension or medium. It is not governed by newtonian law or any other. It is not one thing alone and can exist in multiple locations, spaces and dimensions at any given moment.

The invisible sculpture is an object of the imagination in constant flux. The invisible sculpture is different for everyone that recognises it. The invisible sculpture belongs to the viewer and exists in the viewer’s mind. If sculptures can speak to audiences in languages of their own, the question the invisible sculpture is posing, roughly translated is this, “what do I look like?"

The invisible Sculpture workshop is a day long event Hosted by Tom Spicer and Harry Pearse. Together guests will explore the imagination as a medium in its own right and as a sense separate and distinguishable from the others.


Tom Spicer has a broad interdisciplinary practice that includes, drawing, video, sculpture and performance. His recent work looks at how sculpture can act in the mind of the viewer.

Harry Pearse is reading for a PhD in early modern natural philosophy at the University of Cambridge. He supervises undergraduates in the history of political thought, and has presented or published papers on a variety of philosophical topics. The invisible sculpture is his first conceptual/performance piece.