PAST REMAINS by Ana Pallares

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Open: 8th-28th Sept 2017

7th Sept at 6.30pm, All Welcome!

Opening Hours:
Wednesday - Saturday ~ 12pm-6pm

Light Eye Mind are pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition, PAST REMAINS, by young Spanish artist, Ana Pallares, which runs from 8th-28th Sept with an opening viewing on Thurs 7th Sept at 6.30pm, to which you are cordially invited.

This latest body of work created specifically to show at Light Eye Mind, comprises a collection of her personal interpretation of classic paintings by past masters. Pallares uses her unique art practice to create graphic, startling art that is not 'filtered' by accepted societal norms. Describing her own work as Ironic, Expressive & Obsessive, it explores themes around her sexuality and her relationship with society.

As she says: “With this exhibition, I've chosen paintings that can relate to my life or my story because my work is all about my emotions, sensations, feelings, beliefs and thoughts. So even though I've copied the works of other artists, I needed to reinterpret the meaning behind their masterpieces and connect them with my world through my own visual language.”

"PAST REMAINS is about how old and contemporary artworks look like through the eyes of a young artist with a lot of doubts but with some certainties, like there’s no possible present nor future without the weight of the past.

Web:    Email:  Instagram: @anapallaresart