5th October - 26th October 2017
PV 5th October 6:30PM - 9:30PM
Opening Times Thursday - Saturday 12PM - 6PM
Performance Night 12th October 6:30PM

Light Eye Mind is in a very interesting position geographically; being so close to the Emirates Stadium there is a meeting of two dedicated factions of interest; Art and Sport, Art fans and Sports Fans. While the two groups don’t need to be pushed together it’s interesting to consider the similarities and differences; how much of the mind set of one party falls into the same basket as the other.

Artists and curators Sid and Jim present an exhibition at Light Eye Mind where the gallery will act as the preparatory space where conversations happen before the final event; the changing room. This is where teamwork is visible and perhaps when it is most effective. Running off the idea of teamwork and the space of the Footballer’s (or general sportsperson’s) dressing room, they are combining the idea of gallery and changing room, or at least, what those sorts of space represents.

Alexander Glass ~ www.alexanderglasssculpture.com
Anaïs Comer ~ www.anaiscomer.com
Billy Sassi and William Dalton ~ www.billysassi.wixsite.com/mysite and http://wndalton.com/
Campbell Mcconnell ~ www.campbellmcconnell.wixsite.com/-art
Elliot Hewgill - www.elliothewgill.com
Johanna Bolton ~ www.johannabolton.com
Owen Oppenheimer ~ www.owenop.com
Nina Coulson ~ www.yokeandzoom.co.uk
Sid and Jim ~ www.sidandjim.com
Sophie Popper ~ www.sophiepopper.wixsite.com/website
Tonya McMullan ~ www.tonyamcmullan.co.uk